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  • Cape York Day 9

    Cape York Day 9

    Planned 7:30 departure this morning but we are a little late, but we are excited. Today we will start the Old Telegraph Track and hopefully get to the Dulhunty River. Original plan was Bramwell roadhouse but as we made it to archer river should be no reason why we can’t be at the dulhunty. Awesome.… Read more

  • Cape York Day 8

    Cape York Day 8

    We are up early and on the rd just before 8. Not long till we get to the dirt again, just outside of Laura, and the start of what is clearly going to be the worst corrugations I have ever being on, and going off what people have said I hope this is not going… Read more

  • Cape York Day 7

    Cape York Day 7

    Made pancakes for breakfast this morning. Went down alright also. Packed up and we say goodbye to the lions den hotel. Turn left out the gate and our first stop is just after turning right onto the Mulligan highway. It is Black Mountain. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Mountain_(Kalkajaka)_National_Park After a look around here we continue on, the next stop… Read more

  • Cape York Day 6

    Cape York Day 6

    Time to leave the Daintree Campsite this morning. We get up and have breakfast and a coffee and start our morning pack up.  No rush to get away early as we don’t have far to go today and want to take it easy. We leave camp at about 9am and make our way towards the… Read more

  • Cape York Day 5

    Cape York Day 5

    Today we have decided to stay another day at the daintree. Woo Hoo, no driving or starting the car for me today. For me, this is really where our holiday starts! So what to do? I get up early and make my morning coffee and take the dogs to the park over the road. While… Read more

  • Cape York Day 4

    Cape York Day 4

    So today I was up early as I had pre arranged to meet a fellow swagger, Sol (myswag forum). He lives in Tully, which we will pass today, but as Murphy’s law is everywhere, he has to go to Townsville today, so he said he would stop into camp at about 6:30am. I got up… Read more

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