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  • Cape York Day 1

    Cape York Day 1

    First day on the road is a relative easy one. As we are only going to palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast, we plan for a late get away to do final packing and miss the Brisbane traffic.  We get away at lunchtime leaving the keys to the house with my brother, God help us, anyway… Read more

  • Cape york and beyond

    All future cape york posts can be found here for the time being https://www.facebook.com/UltimateAdventuresBlog/   Cheers Read more

  • Cape York Day 13

    Cape York Day 13

    Another early morning for me, so I grab a coffee and go for a wander to examine our first creek crossing today, which is canal creek. It’s all rock in the creek, with various entry’s and exits.  Some people are camp blocking some exits but it’s not an issue here. I wander back up to… Read more

  • Cape York Day 12

    Cape York Day 12

    Time to keep heading north. We get packed up and hit the track out back to the Old Tele.  First crossing today, The Dulhunty, as we just camped for 2 nights just down stream we didn’t really stop. I walked it just to make sure I wasn’t going to fall into any holes. After this… Read more

  • Cape York Day 11

    Cape York Day 11

    Well today we did very little of anything. I went for a drive and collected wood and checked out the gauging station. We swam, and ate, and swam some more. Up untill 5 pm we hadnt seen anyone since the day before, till someone drove in and picked a spot further down river.. Yep not… Read more

  • Cape York Day 10

    Cape York Day 10

    Day 10  Woo hoo, Take 2 on Old Tele Track day.  Breakfast done, we hit the road at 8:30ish, destination Bramwell Juction Roadhouse and the start of the OTT.  Bramwell is only about 1/2 hour from Morteon and the drive is pretty easy, we go past the turn off for Bramwell Station and soon enough… Read more

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