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Meandering the Upper Hunter

Why are we in Denman? Well, after we left Nindigully we crossed into NSW and headed to Moree. This was not our original plan but due to some rain, and flooding this is where we decided to go, and we thought, why not give the artesian baths a go while we are there.

Moree was just wet and miserable, so we did go for a swim at the baths, but apart from that, it was a van day.

With the rain though bought a new challenge, we are on our way to Heatherbrae on the coast to have some work done with the van, so we were going to go across through Gunnedah and on to the new England highway, BUT Tamworth and soon to be Gunnedah will be flooded. So I spent the day researching, watching the weather, local Facebook community groups (great way to get local up to date road info), Floods near me app, NSW road updates and Hema Maps

We decided that the next day we would head south to Coonabarabran and onto Mendooran-Dunedoo. This would get us onto the Golden Highway, and we can pop back out at near Newcastle.

This proved to be the long way around, but it was also the safe and dry way round as far as flood waters went anyhow. A quick stop at the Cassilis roadside stop, has plenty of space and long drop toilets, and we are on the road again and stop at Merriwa for some breakfast. Now we have stopped here a few times in the past on other trips and different routes taken, but the Merriwa Bakery is a must. The pies here are awesome on will have a place in my Pie list coming soon. Oh, there is nothing wrong with a pie for breakfast either.

Lamb and mint from memory. It was bloody good!!!

You’re not an Aussie tradie (tradeperson) without a pie and chocolate milk everyday for breakfast are you?

We had a walk around Merriwa, which has some great old buildings and an Awesome little museum in the main street, make sure you don’t miss that..

WE hit the road and finally arrive in denman not far down the road. Denman for us, has always been a town you just drive through. The main road sort of bypasses the town centre, so its very easy to just drive past. But this time, we are close to our destination and have a few nights up our sleeve.

The Royal Hotel.

Great looking renovated building. Cold beer and a good feed. What more can you need! Well as it turns out, you can also park your van out the back and they have toilets, showers and washing machinges.

Royal Hotel Denmen
Parking at the Back off the Royal Hotel, Denman

We decided to stay 2 nights at the royal hotel and split our time at both the royal and Denman hotel. It was both NRL semi finals time, as well as the AFL grand final Day, so, we spent a lot of time at the hotels.

One of the Boutique shops in Denman

Denman also has a historic walk, if you get a brochure from the Information Centre opposite the royal hotel it gives you a town map telling you about the building, cool.

On Saturday Lunch, we wet to a local winery, Two Rivers Wines, and had an Antepasto platter and some wine tasting. Was a great spot to relax and have some lunch. Yes we did purchase some wine. After this, Lyndal drove and we went to Small forest Wines.  This was a different experience. The wine maker here is Japanese, so the wines had a bit of a twist. There is also a resident pup that just loves to get involved 

Lunch at Two River Wines

On Sunday morning we packed up and headed off.

We would certainly stop in again when we are coming back through, and it is a great base to check out the local area.

Put Denman on your list for Hunter Valley Stays!

Find Some more photos from Denman Here

Two River Wines

Small Forest Wine (Not going to link their website as i got a virus alert from it. Their wines didnt give me any virus though)

Royal Hotel Denman

Merriwa Bakery

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