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Nindigully Pub

Straight up.    NO, I DID NOT GET IT!!

Those that know this place will know what I am talking about 😊

We didn’t have far to drive to get to Nindigully Pub as we were already in St George, Southwest Qld. Only a 30min drive for us, so we got there quite early in the morning.

You will know when you are there as the is a big sign that says, “Nindigully Pub, Free beer yesterday” Couldn’t believe it, I told Lyndall we should have been here yesterday!

Nindigully Pub
Qld Cobb and Co routes
Nindigully Pub

It was just before 10 am so the doors were not even open. But as Lyndall had to work, I want to get the van set up so she could do here thing from 1pm.

Nindigully Pub
The Free Camp area. Pub is on the left, toilets on the right of car

Nindigully Pub is on the banks of the Moonie River. Due to rain upstream, this was actually flowing quite fast, and the water level was right up, to be over the pathway that goes along the side and to the picnic tables in the park next to it.

Nindigully Pub
Nindigully Pub

“The Gully” as it is referred to by locals (I am guessing all 50 of them😊) Is famous for a few things.

The Oldest Hotel in Qld.

Yep, that’s right the oldest pub in Queensland, but not only that, it is in its original condition and original position that it was first built on.  Not many around, from 1864 that can boost that. And what do us chippies say, “They just don’t build them like that anymore” It has plenty of charm with every door, wall and window out of square

Nindigully Pub
Last Weekend every November!!!!

Home of the Famous Road train Burger!!!! Feeds a min of 4 people

(It is this that I am talking about at the start of this blog)

Paperback Hero

Nindigully Pub

Yep, that’s right, the town and the Pub, put Hugh Jackman on the road to Hollywood. The 1990’s film was filmed onsite, and the pub renamed “Lucktown Pub” for the movie.

Overall, our visit was good.  We had both dinners there and had a few beers throughout the day.

The have a free camping area, free toilets, and the pub has showers at the back that are available also. So, if you are driving past, make sure you stop in and have a squiz and stay.

Nindigully Pub

Find some more Nindigully photos in the link below


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  1. Rob

    Kathy and I are enjoying following your travels Ollie and Lyndall.


    1. oldmate1

      Thanks guys. Glad you are enjoying. We are following you on your FB page also. Keep it up


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