On The Road Again

After leaving Carnarvon gorge, we were aiming to head south. The plan was to Nindigully Pub for two nights.

We had a quick stop at Injune. The Information centre here is exceptionally good and has a great little café that does good coffee and food.

After catching up with our neighbours from Carnarvon we hit the road.

We also planned to top up our water tanks here, but we could not find the tap for this at the big water fill place just out of town.  Seemed to be set up for bulk water, anyway, no harm done we decided to press on to Roma.


Roma was going to be just a quick stop for lunch, toilet, and water fill. We headed to the information centre straight up, it is an impressive place and worth the stop if you are going through town.

After a quick talk with the ladies in the info centre we decided to have a bit of a look around town.

They also told us we are welcome to use the tap at the other end of the carpark to fill our water, so it was worth the stop.

Lyndall saw on the map of town, the Texas Longhorns, that you could see, and the ladies in the info centre also recommended it. Lyndall also mentioned they had some classic cars on display…

Didn’t have to ask me twice!

We pull up at this place in town, Up the Creek Garage (check out his YouTube channel also here), which is a mechanical workshop and to the right of it is a sign that say museum entrance. We go in, but then must go into the workshop to get someone to come and serve us anyway (sign on counter says to do this 😊)

After we paid out entry which was not much, $20 per person or $30 a couple, we then essentially got a guided tour by Robert, the owner.  He explained all the great photos on the walls, of there trips overseas, and how and where the cars, come into their possession.

They have an excellent selection of Fords, Holdens and some American muscle cars, all owned and restored by them. They also have some unrestored vehicle.

But back to the reason we were there, The Longhorns!!

Well, they are just cows, with big horns. Tex and Jack are in a small paddock at the back of the museum. You can see and pat them. They are surprisingly very aware of the length of their horns when manoeuvring around. Funny to watch.

Be sure to stop in and see Robert and Edith. You will be tempted by a delicious morning tea between 9.30am and 10.30am. Or afternoon tea is provided between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. You will enjoy an array of baked goods plus tea or coffee. Even better, this is included in your entrance cost.

From here we stopped and looked at Roma’s biggest bottle tree.

By now though, we had spent well over 2 hours here in Roma, which was going to be a quick lunch stop. Anyway. That is what happens on the road sometimes. Onwards towards St George we go!

As we are running behind on time now, we arrive at St George about 5pm. I decided that was enough driving, and although only 1/2 hour from our destination, we decided to find a spot for the night. We stayed at River Gum Tourist Park. Good spot by the river. Clean Amenities…… What else do you need.

In the morning we packed up, helped a fellow Traveller who had moved their van forward off the ramps, but forgot one leg was still down…… oops                

Bent leg, and now stuck where it was. I dug out my reciprocating saw, and we cut the bolts off so he could remove it. Where the manufacturer had fitted the leg it had the something on each side of the bolts so you could unbolt it with out removing a water tank, or something else, cant remember what it was, so I wont mention names but it’s a warning to anyone who owns a AOR, put you legs up first.  That goes for everyone 😊

So, I had heard the bakery in St George was a must do, so we went and “must did it” 

It was good, not the best, but not the worst. Keep an eye out for my top 10 Pie list that will come out soon.

That is all she wrote for this one.


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