Cape York Day 7

Made pancakes for breakfast this morning. Went down alright also.

Packed up and we say goodbye to the lions den hotel. Turn left out the gate and our first stop is just after turning right onto the Mulligan highway. It is Black Mountain.

Black Mountain
After a look around here we continue on, the next stop is little Annan river, where we stop and take some photos of the old bridge here.
IMG_9237 IMG_9239 IMG_9240
Onto Cooktown after this. We go for a drive around town and decide that here is where we we top up on some supplies and also have lunch in the park.
After stopping at the table shop for some things, we head of to find the local iga.
Cooktown is a beautiful town, with plenty of blue water and nice green park in the Main Street to wander around.
After lunch we fill up with fuel and head off towards battle camp rd.
IMG_4677 IMG_4678 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_4684 IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4687
Soon enough we come to dirt and let some air out again.
Isabella falls is marked on the hema as being close to the road, so when we final get to it we are shocked to see that it is really right next to the rd, but unless you have a map to tell you, you would drive straight past. It’s a great little spot and we saw 2 people sitting there having lunch that we had seen at the Bloomfield falls the day before. A few cars drive past while we were there but didn’t stop.
IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4700IMG_9242
We follow battlecamp road which goes through battle camp station and eventually arcoss the bottom boundary of lakefeild National Park. As we have the dogs there is no lakefeild for us this trip.
IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4704 IMG_4703
Finally we get to the Laura River, which is huge, but is dry, I mean, not a drop of water. As seen in these 3 photos.
IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4710
Just after the river is the Old Laura Homestead.
We stopped in the shade and had a quick look around. I got some photos and we continued onto to our destination, which tonight is the quinkan remote community campgrounds.
IMG_4714 IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4719 IMG_4721
 You pay your $10per person unpowered camp fees over the rd at the roadhouse then just pick a spot to setup.  It is 3:15pm when we get here so I take Charlie down the back for a run with his ball and Sophie keeps an eye on the wallabies. Toilets and showers here are great. I get a beer and sit back and watch a couple set up there hired 4wd with rooftop tent. It would seem that after whatching them pull things out of plastic bags, that this is there first night, everything is brand new. After about an hour and me having a giggle then offering a hand they are sorted, and we share a beer and a quick chat.
Dinner is done and we go to bed pretty early tonight as I want to get away by 8 in the morning for the start of what is mostly dirt all the way to the top.
IMG_4786 IMG_4788 IMG_4793 IMG_4797 IMG_4800 IMG_4802

Sunset to finish the day

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