Cape York Day 5

Today we have decided to stay another day at the daintree. Woo Hoo, no driving or starting the car for me today.

For me, this is really where our holiday starts! So what to do?

I get up early and make my morning coffee and take the dogs to the park over the road. While wandering around with them i notice a gentleman pull up near the boat ramp. It appears he may be the captain for the river cruise. I make my way towards him to find out. Yep he is, and he informs me that yes we can bring the dogs on the cruise as long as it isnt a full boat.

The cruises leave almost every hour so i go back up to Lyndall and we organise that we will do the 9:30am cruise.

We make some breakfast, while chatting to the group next door, who are packing up to head of on their adventure, well they are heading south having come from the direction we will go tomorrow, which is great for info.

Ok, Cruise time! We can see a stack of people already gathering and i am worried that it may be full. It appears that small tour groups get bought in, dropped off and then pick up after the cruise to continue on their tour. One of these companies seems to do a good deal, as the guide has set up a table with tea and coffee and a big stack of lamingtons on a plate. I have a giggle to myself as “the overseas tourists” are asking him what they are and his description and them still looking confused, untill he says, “The only thing more Aussie then a Lamington is a gumtree”, just pick it up and take a bite or you’re not getting on the boat. Hahahaha  Made me laugh!

Anyway, back to the boat, Its getting loaded now and i ask the captain if we can get on this trip, and he said, yep, should be a drama, just grab a seat.So on we get, and grab the very front seats as there is plenty of room for Charlie at the front.

Charlie had his landlegs on, so thought it was best he lay down
Sophie, ready and keen to find a snapping handbag for lunch!

So off we set, the Captain giving us some commentary of the Fauna and Flora of the area. We round the bend and he takes us in to a spot he has spotted a croc, well after some squinting through the trees we manage to see it, a baby croc less than 1mtr long sitting on a tree trunk.  IMG_9152We continue on down stream after the Captain does some monuvering so both sides of the boat can see him/her, as we round the corner, there it is another croc on the sand bank. This one is quite a bit larger, a Male, and about 5 mtrs long, so almost the length of a standard garage. This croc hasn’t moved in a few days apparently, and it just stays put as the tide comes up and down around  it. This one has a tendency to eat calves from the paddock above when they come to the water’s edge, and has got one just recently.

Spotted as we round the corner
Large male.

Further on we spot another 2 crocs, both smaller again. On the return trip, we come up the northern bank to try to spot some other wildlife. Not much around this morning honesty apart from a lonely tree snake trying to soak up some rays.

Smaller female croc
Some of the bird life
and again
The daintree River. Like a mirror today

IMG_9171 IMG_9178 IMG_9187 IMG_9198


Back at the ramp and we head back to camp. Lyndall decided to do some  washing so she goes to put that on while i chill with the dogs.

Lunchtime comes and the van park is empty, everyone has moved on bar a few, us included. Now Daintree Village is quite a good spot, there is the boat ramp, a pub, general store, and a couple of takeaway shops, all 2 min walk from our trailer. So after a wonder looking at whats on offer we settle on the Big Barramundi Garden! IMG_4581 IMG_4583 IMG_4585 IMG_4592

We both got a barra burger each which was awesome, but they also have some other offerings, like Croc and Kangaroo burgers.

After lunch we hung out the washing and just chilled out.


By about 2pm onwards, new travellers all started to arrive and set up for the night, was good just sitting back watching everyone and have a chat with people.Early evening and its time to open the champagne to celebrate us doing this trip. So the good stuff was bought out, Right on cue for a perfect sunset and a few crocs to swim by.


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