Cape York

Day 3


Up at about 7am and beaky done we load into the car and hit the road at 8:30.IMG_4430

As the black top rolls past and the never ending trucks and caravans pass the other way, I wonder if we are ever going to get there. We drive past lots of sugar cane and lots of the rivers are bone dry, not much rain up here.IMG_4435

When we reach Mackey its decided to find a dog park and let Charlie and Sophie have a run.

IMG_4448 IMG_4441 IMG_4444  IMG_4449

Reaching Bowen we decide that this will be our lunch stop, we were told about the mango sorbet that you buy from “the big mango” so we pull in and make some lunch.IMG_9118IMG_9120
After lunch we get some sorbet and move on. Heading north I’m looking at the time and realise it’s quite late and I am not sure how we are going for time, but we are sitting on the speed limit for the most part so can’t speed it up too much.IMG_4454
Eventually we reach Townsville and its pretty late in the arvo, so we pull out the map to see how far Cardwell would be. IMG_4458 At this point we made a decision to not aim for Cardwell, but we would stop at “Bushy Parker Park” at rollingstone instead. We pull into rollingstone at 5pm, and it is really busy with the large motorhomes and caravans. Bushy park has a 48hr limit on your stay, but looking at some of the set ups here it would seem that it doesn’t get enforced.
We drive in past some euro backpackers in their old van and find a spot just across from the toilets in the corner of the car park. Trailer set up, and a few more people turn up also in various types of set ups. We have a walk with the dogs before heating up some left overs from dinner last night.
All in all, it was an easy nice place to stop for a quick overnighter. Some grass, picnic tables and a creek. Toilets are ok, no showers here though. A few drinks and we retire to bed. IMG_4459

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