Saturday 22 Nov Wedding Day

This morning we are up early and packing up again. The wedding is in Lithgow so i booked us into the Lithgow Tourist Park for the night as it is about 5 – 10 min cab ride from the venue. This morning was also a big moment as we are to meet Braxton, Nathan son, for the first time.Braxton is 3 months old. So we go and pick up Nathan and head up to Lithgow where we will meet up this morning.

Myself, Nathan and little Braxton. This little boy is so smiley all the time.

After spending about 1 1/2 hours with Nathan and Braxton, we had to get going so we could set up the trailer and get ready for the wedding. to our surprise Donna, Braxton’s grandmother, said she could drop him off for the wedding if we would like. We accepted the offer as it would be a great opportunity for all the rest of the family to meet him, and also would allow a photo of 5 Generation of Fullerton Males to have a photo together. My Grandfather Don, My Father Bob, Myself, My Son Nathan, and My Grandson Braxton. Hopefully in years to come the photo can be something Braxton and all of us can treasure as it may never happen again.

5 Gen Photo
Lyndall, Nathan, Myself and Braxton at the wedding
Lyndall, Nathan, Myself and Braxton at the wedding
Lyndall and Braxton
Lyndall and Braxton
Feeding time


So on to the wedding, which is the main purpose of this trip. My Brother Bruce, and Patrice, will join in holy blah blah blah you know how it goes, basically, Bruce must obey i think hahahaha.

Exchanging their Vows
Exchanging their Vows
Cutting of the cake
Wildlife at the venue
The life Sentence, opps i mean The Marriage certificate.
Fullerton Boys. Left to Right Don (My Grandfather), Bob (My Father), Stuart (My Brother, Back), Axel (my Nephew), Me, Nathan (my son), Braxton (My Grandson), Bruce (My Brother) and in the front, Nicky (my step Nephew)
The wedding cake ready for cutting.

The Wedding was great, Short and sweet, with a great little reception afterwards. We all enjoyed a few drinks and canapes and by about 7:30 it was all finished. Lyndall and myself headed to the Lithgow workmans club for a few drinks, where we got some nibbles later and had some bets in the TAB. Then it was a cab for the tourist Park. A great Day and Night.

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