Friday 21st Nov

Up early this morning. Got the trailer packed up and hit the road, destination, Mt Victoria.

Quick fuel stop on the way out of town and check those bearings again, and we are on the rd. Quick stop in tamworth for a coffee and a pic with the golden guitar.

Golden Guitar

Back on the rd we headed south for Musselbrook. Plan was Musselbrook, Denman, Bylong Valley Way, Rylstone, Kandos, Lithgow and Mt Victoria. My not of being the quickest route, but they are all about the same and it was something different.

On arrive at Musselbrook we spot a cheese factory, so decided to turn around and go in for a look. We ended up buying 2 cheeses which had some familiar names on them. If you watched My Kitchen Rules, you would know of Annie and Jason the cheese makers. As it turned out this is Jason’s parents factory.

So on the road again, and we stopped in town for some lunch supplies to go with the cheese and at the tourist info to check rd conditions along bylong valley way. All good so off we go. The Mining in the area is so evident as you drive through what would have being open farmland. On through Denman and we hit Bylong Valley way. Nice road, bit tight and steep in a few spots but ok going. We passed another Ultimate heading the other way, they waved and so did we, the Ultimate thing to do. This was our first of only 2 in our trip. We stopped on the side of the road for lunch, which was our cheese and biscuits. Of we go with a quick stop at Ilford then an uneventful trip all the way to Mt Victoria, with me pointing out different things for Lyndall as we went.

On arrival the family were there to greet us as for tonight we would be staying in Bruce’s backyard, (which also happens to be the house i grew up in as a kid). Off to my old local pub for dinner and drinks which turned into an experience. Lets just say we will never be back. If The Imperial Hotel want to keep locals and tourists, they need to sack the clown on the bar to start with. Wow how things change when you are away.

Anyway Nathan came and meet us up there after doing things with the Rural fire service today and then we headed of home for a few more drinks before retiring for bed about Midnight

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