Bruce and Patrice get Married 22/11/14

Thursday 20th Nov

Today we left the coast to head south for the wedding. We decided to do a road trip as opposed to a quick fly in fly out trip. We are going to kill a few birds with one stone. Attend the wedding of my brother and his fiance, catch up with Nathan, my son, and also meet Braxton, my new grandson, for the first time. It was also a trip without our dogs for the first time ever.

So we home about an hour later than i was planning with destination being Tamworth. We stopped for lunch at Beaudesert then hit the rd. Coming into Tenterfield heard a noise from the front of the car, so a quick stop and out with the jack to check wheel bearings. All seemed ok, so we pushed on with a few stops to check them. By the time we got to Armidale it was about 6.30pm and i had enough of driving and it was getting to that time of day the wildlife played chicken. So we found a caravan park with an unpowered site and set up for the night. Within 1/2 hour of check in both of us were showered, trailer set up, 2 beers done with a pizza on the way.

Our spot for the first night

Pizza seemed to take a while and eventually i got a phone call to ask what tourist park we were at. Seems the delivery girl got lost?? She finally turned up and offered the pizza to us for free as she was late. The pizza was only $10 anyway from over the top pizza so i gave her the money and off she went. The pizza was great.

After this we had a few drinks and a chat then hit the sack.

Early morning visitors
Little dam onsite
Friday morning sunrise

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