Levuka 2014

Levuka 4Wd Park is a hidden little gem in Northern NSW. Not far from Urbanville and Woodenbong.It has being a favourite of ours for years now, and although we dont always go 4wdrivng here, it is an awesome place just to come and camp. The dogs don’t have to be on a leash as long as they are under control, which suits our 2 dogs. They love coming here just as much as we do.



Cooking Breakfast
The Result.Cheese and Bacon Damper
Our Friend “Poncho”. Testing out his new tyres

IMG_3240 IMG_3237 IMG_3236

Levuka is a great spot. Always nice green grass. Check it out one day, we will be back for sure.


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  1. Poncho

    Sweet blog guys, i’ll be checking it from time to time.


    1. oldmate1

      Thanks Mate. We will keep it up to date as best we can. All in prep for our planned cape trip next year


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